BATTLEFIELD 4 Hack от месяц

BATTLEFIELD 4 Hack от месяц

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Game Engine:
- Frostbite 3.0
Game Version:
- x32 Bit version
- Undetected</attention>

Feature list:


-Mode - [Choose between OFF | Complete Autoaim | Hotkey]
-Aimbone - [Random, Head, Neck, Chest, Body, R/L Foot]
-Aim Fov - [Limit aim angle from the aimbot 1-360.]
-Aiming Variants - [Near Crosshair/Closest Enemy/Lowest Health]
-Lock Target - [Aimbot locks on target]
-Visible Check - [Aimbot only aims on targets that are visible]
-Auto Wall - [Aim Through Materials]
-Bone Scan - [Scan for available bone if mine invisible]
-Auto switch - [Target Autoswitching target if previous target is dead]
-Auto shoot - [Automatic shooting when an enemy becomes available. on / off ]
-Bullet drop / Bullet Prediction - [Automatic calculation]
-Bullet Modifer - [Control ur Bullets per shot, 1-30 bullets]
-Vehicle Aimbot - [Support all vehicles in game! 1st person +3d person support!]
-Jet Aimbot - [full autopilot, perfect control of the aircraft you will like god in sky u must just hold aimkey.) 1st person + 3d person support.] + Suav, Ucav support

-Aimbot now support:
IGLA, STINGER and other same shit..
-FGM-172 SRAW - Take down heli like a pro!
-RPG, SMAW, SRAW, MBT-LAV - 80% hits on any distance, at heli, infantry, jets...
-AT-MINE, M2-MINE and other shit..
-SLAM, AMMOBOX, MEDBOX, C4, SHIELD (idk guys why u need aimbot on ammobox, but if u ok. good hunting with ammobox:/)
-RAWR bot.
-RPG, SMAW, FGM-172 SRAW Demonstration


-Dot - [little box at the head of your enemies]
-Name - [Displays enemy name]
-Distance - [Displays enemy distance]
-Healthbars - [Displays enemy health]
-Barrel - [Displays where enemy looking]
-Vehicle - [Displays enemy vehicle]
-Boxes - [Display a box around all enemies]
-Aim-at-you Warnings - [Turn on / off warning options]
-Spectator Warnings - [Turn on / off Spectator warning options]
-Lines - [Displays a line to the enemy]
-Crosshair - [Drawing crosshair]
-Show_team - [on/off for esp/radar Choose if you want to see you team on the ESP radar.]
-Skeleton - [Drawing enemy skeleton]
-Chams - [Enemy Players/Vehicles]
-Colors - [Allows you to change any color]

2D Radar:

-Radar - [disable or enable radar]
-Radar box - [hide or show radar box]
-Radar cross - [hide or show radar cross]
-Radar Dot - [hide or show radar dot in screen center]
-Radar Fov - [Allow you to see ur fov on radar]
-Radar size - [Change the size of the radar]
-Radar dots size - [Change the dots on the radar]
-Radar scope - [Range of dots on the radar]
-Radar at screen center - [Radar will follow game crosshair]
-Radar Vehicle Type - [Allow you to see vehicle names on radar]
-Colors - [Allows you to change any color]


-No Spread - [Correct the spread of your gun.]
-No Recoil - [Your weapon will have perfect no-recoil]
-No Breath - [No more Breath for snipers]
-Spread, Recoil Controller - [you can controll spread and recoil like u want]


-Vehicle Auto Eject - [auto bailout before the vehicle explosion, no more deaths, in air fights]
-Auto Knife - [Never get your tags taken again, anyone who comes close will feel your blade.]
-Building Scaling - [jump on any building]
-Map, Hud Enabler - [for hardcore mode]
-Auto Spot - [Spot everyone on map]
-Jet Helper - [Fly always with the best speed.]


-Profiles - [Save/Load hack settings]


-PB secure mode - [When a violation returns from the server the hack are auto kicking you.]
-Drawing Variants - [Standard drawing with SS Protection, External Drawing]


-Punkbuster Undetected
-FairFight Undetected
-Anti-Leak protection.
-Secure Hack Streaming System

Operating systems (х32 & x64)

-Win 7
-Win Vista
-Win 8
-Win 8.1
Дополнительная информация:
<attention>После оплаты товара ищите строку "Оплаченный товар" с содержанием вида "cheat name: CS:GO key: X-X-XXXXXXXXXXXX time: 720 hours" Вы приобретаете именно ключ формата "X-X-XXXXXXXXXXXX".
Как активировать ключ и запустить чит можно узнать здесь(смотрите первое видео):</attention>
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